Why choose the Grandmaster Smith Martial Arts over other programs... 

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The Academy of Martial Arts is NOT a Franchise or a Chain. The Academy of Martial Arts is solely owned and operated by Grandmaster Smith. Master Smith is resident at the main school, not across the state or country and teaches most of the classes. We care more about our students and their progress then anything else. Our goal is to improve you or your child's life through martial arts. Families receive calls to check on a student's progress in school and their behavior. We offer a warm family environment where students are active in a variety of free activities. As well as a “safe haven” where are children are treated with respect and without negative peer pressure. Our Instructors take pride in knowing every student. They set goals with the parents to help their child achieve in every part of their life. Anyone can teach you how to punch and kick; we can help better your life.

Our Students are Recognized Around the World. Academy of Martial Arts students are UMAS members and are active in the USNTF, USAT, AAU, and the WTF the largest Martial Arts Organizations in the World. Students from the Academy of Martial Arts can go almost anywhere in the world and have their belt rank recognized. Because of these relationships. Some schools don't interact with other organizations and limit the potential of a student. For example, a student may not even be allowed to participate in the city or state tournament or a talented student may not be noticed and given the opportunity to succeed in events like the Olympics. 

The Best Instruction Available. Grandmaster Smith has been active in the  Martial Arts Community for many years and is a native of Schaumburg, Illinois. He has one of the best reputations as a teacher and is recognized as one of the finest in Texas for traditional training. Our instructors are certified through the United Martial Arts Society and various other organizations.

Our Students are International Standard not a local standard. Our students are measured by Traditional Korean Standards, not watered down standards to make a program easy. The Academy of Martial Arts Program is more of a challenge, but our students can be measured against any other from around the world and be considered as good or better. The academic standards we set position students to succeed in every facet of their life. The Academy of Martial Arts emphasizes full personal development, not just martial arts. 

We Don't Charge Extra for the Little Things. We have lots of fun free activities all year round. Free Breaking Clinics (Many other schools charge as much as $30.00 for a one board-breaking clinic), picnics, camping trips, outdoor workouts, and a lot more. We never charge extra to help a student after class, not everyone learns at the same speed, so we help out for no extra charge (some schools charge by the hour for extra help). Students can come as much as they like. You are not limited to a set number of classes per week with your course (many schools only allow you to come two times per week). We treat the school as a safe haven, a place for the students to be in a healthy happy environment where friends have legitimate respect for each other. You are always welcome. 

Martial Arts Is What We Do. Our Master and primary instructors do Martial Arts full time and are at the school teaching. These are full time professional teachers, not part time amateurs. Our belief is that professional Martial Art teachers only teach, this way they are not distracted by second jobs or business ventures. Master Smith is always at one of the schools and teaches every rank not just Black Belts. 

Ask About Us. Ask anyone who has a student or has taken classes at the Academy of Martial Arts and see the difference. Master Smith is confident that if you talk to any student or parent you will receive a rave review of our programs. The Academy of Martial Arts has by far the best reputation of any Martial Arts School in the area. So why go anywhere else? You get more for your investment; better instruction, many extras, convenient locations and gained personal development. Don't you or your child deserve the best Martial Arts instruction available? Choose the Academy of Martial Arts today.