What is Ko Shin Mu Sool?

​As a martial arts system, Ko Shin Mu Sool can be considered a hard and soft style. It covers the entire spectrum of the traditional Korean fighting arts and non – traditional fighting arts and techniques of body conditioning, as well as mental development and traditional weapons training. Ko Shin Mu Sool is considered a combative art. While the techniques are not fancy or jumping in the air, the techniques are meant to save your life if the need ever arises. Techniques of Ko Shin Mu Sool include (but are not limited to):

•Hand Striking: closed and open hand striking methods, palm, wrist, and finger striking, blocking and parrying, animal- techniques, pressure point striking, striking with arm and shoulder, specialized palm training, arm striking, shoulder technique, etc. 

•Leg Techniques: foundation kicking, front leg kicking, combination kicking, double leg kicking, kicking defense, pressure point kicking, specialty kicking, etc.

•Throwing and Grappling: body throws, projection throws, wrestling techniques, leg throws, ground fighting, pressure point grappling, grappling defense, etc. 

•Joint-Locking Techniques: pain throws, arresting and "come along" techniques, restraining methods, joint breaking techniques, control and re-direction techniques, combination joint locking, etc. 

•Falling Techniques: body protection techniques, throwing defense 

•Body Conditioning: stretching and flexibility training, cardiovascular conditioning, muscle training, joint flexibility and bone conditioning. 

•Traditional Korean Weapons: straight sword, cane, bo staff, rope techniques and more.