What our parents and students are saying about Grandmaster Smith Academy of Martial Arts

When my son started Tae Kwon Do he was shy and not showing too much respect at home. After coming to AMA he has begin to say yes sir and no sir and that to me is a major improvement. I highly suggest the school to anyone looking to learn good martial arts and get discipline for their child.
Mr. Vernon Williams

My kids love Tae Kwon Do. They look forward to class every week! My 2 boys benefit from the structure that the class provides. Their training and practice has helped improve their focus while doing schoolwork. It is nice for them to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Thank you Grandmaster Smith for all your hard work!
The Mitcham Family

I have to say that I have been very blessed to have my boys! That being said, I am so thankful that Grandmaster Smith came to our area! My guys desperately wanted to participate in, well everything they could think of from soccer to football, my husband and I just could not keep up with practice schedules and games. And then there are those games that have to be rescheduled for whatever reason, ugh!

Bob, 14 (blackbelt) and JD 10 (senior green belt) are very active boys and love competitions. Tae Kwon Do has given us that, in a schedule we are able to maintain, and much more. My guys are gaining confidence, pushing themselves farther, and very much enjoy there classes. It has NOT been one of those experiences where they had the want to in the beginning, but I had to start pushing in the end. They never tire of going to class, practicing, and competing.

They exhibit a stronger desire to improve in every area of their lives: Getting along with others, music lessons, school work, etc. 

We are very proud of their accomplishments in Tae Kwon Do.
The Dannar Family

Just wanted to let you know our self defense class did what it was supposed to. We went to Laredo a couple of weeks ago and stopped to use the restroom.Johnny went in first and when he came back outside to the truck I went in the Convenience Store.You had to go in a door that turned into a small hallway ladies room first and men's towards the end .As I started to enter there were two young men in the hallway one quickly slipped into the ladies room and the other started behind the door I was opening. I did not get all of the way in because the fellow that went in the ladies room opened the door a little to see if I was still coming.I turned towards the other fellow and yelled"Oh heck No" I had my key chain in my hand and I raised it up to strike and the one behind the door moved.I backed out very quick and shut the door and went to the male store clerk and told him he had two guys acting like they were going to do something bad in the Women's bathroom. and I left " Nope waited to get to Lexy's house to do my business"LOL but I was prepared and aware of my surroundings. I really had a bad feeling as I walked in that entry way.Thank you Master Smith and the other guys who helped at the class. I am ready for more!

Evonne Mitcham, Women Self Defense Student

I began a journey with Grandmaster Smith Academy of Martial Arts in Feb 2011. i originally began studying the martial arts because of my job as a corrections officer. after practicing at the school i developed a lot more confidence in my ability and that confidence has transferred to my job. Grandmaster Smith has shown me that respect and loyalty will take you far in this world. Thank you Grandmaster Smith for all you have done for me.
Trey Chenyworth